Healthcare insurance is always changing. Thus, you should be familiar with your healthcare policy. That includes what benefits are (and aren’t) covered by your plan. If a referral is necessary for your care, it will be your responsibility to contact your PCP (Primary Care Physician) to ensure there is adequate time for your referral to be processed in time for your visit with Dr. Sasser. If you do not have a referral or your PCP can’t transmit it to us on the date of your service, we will reschedule your appointment for a later date.


If you do not have insurance, Dr Sasser offers a payment plan for our obstetrical services. Our office manager will be happy to set it up for you. All payments are due by your 7th month of pregnancy.
This payment plan covers:

  • Obstetrical office visits
  • Round-the-clock medical advice
  • Delivery with one of our physicians/midwives in hospital
  • 4-6 weeks of post partum care following delivery

Payment plan does not include the items listed here:

  • Surgery either elective or medically necessary
  • Ultrasounds
  • Emergency room visits or hospital visits
  • Non-stress tests
  • Lab tests
  • Circumcision
  • Hospital fees

These will be billed to you. Payment is due on the date of the service .

For obstetrical patients who would like to transfer to Dr. Sasser’s practice:

We welcome new patients all the time. If you are pregnant, over 12 weeks pregnant, or under the care of another physicia n, we ask that you have all of your current prenatal records – including lab work and ultrasounds if applicable, fax to (954) 340-5275.
When we receive these records, we will telephone to confirm that they are going for review with our physicians. Upon upon approval, we will make an appointment with Dr. Sasser.
Please make sure you include these items when you fax your prenatal record:

  • Cover sheet that includes your name, phone number and name of your primary and secondary health insurance
  • Complete prenatal record, inclusive of lab-work and ultrasounds

We will respond within 48 hours of receipt. If you have any other questions about transferring to Dr. Sasser, please call name here at 954-340-1050.