Dr. Lona Sasser Obstetrics & Gynecology offers “2D ultrasound near me” and other essential obstetrics services

When it comes to pregnancy, women and their partners understandably look for the best possible care. It’s not uncommon for women to switch gynecologists upon deciding to start a family, or upon finding out they are already pregnant. If you are searching for a “2D ultrasound near me,” chances are that you currently do not have a gynecologist or obstetrician yet chosen to support you throughout your pregnancy.

Dr. Lona Sasser Obstetrics & Gynecology is a women’s health practice, dedicated to providing exceptional care, one patient at a time. If you are in the Coral Springs, Florida area, and need perinatal services like a 2D ultrasound near you, you can schedule an appointment today with Dr. Lona Sasser or Dr. Mary Beatrice Squire-De Leon.

If you are looking for more information specifically about 2D ultrasounds, below we have answered some of the common questions surrounding ultrasounds and pregnancy.

What do ultrasounds do and do I need one?

Specifically, with pregnancy, ultrasounds are simple, painless tests that help determine the health and development of your baby. Ultrasounds work by sending out sound waves that bounce back off of the tissues and bones in the body. The waves that get sent back get picked up by the transducer and are then turned into images that you’ll see on a screen. 

Ultrasounds can help determine the baby’s (or babies’!) sex, and approximate size and weight, but it can also help determine other important information like:

  • The fetus’s position, movement, breathing, and heart rate
  • The amount of amniotic fluid in the uterus
  • The location of the placenta

So yes, ultrasounds are an important part of gestational, perinatal care. However, though almost any obstetrician or gynecologist can offer you a 2D ultrasound near you, it’s more about choosing the practitioner with whom you feel comfortable and who is most qualified and able to provide the care you deserve. Dr. Sasser’s practice is dedicated to supporting you through your entire pregnancy journey, from planning to birth to postnatal care. If you need a 2D ultrasound near you, and you live in the Coral Springs, Florida area, contact us today. 

When should I get an ultrasound?

Standard ultrasounds generally happen between 18–22 weeks of pregnancy. However, sometimes those looking for a 2D ultrasound near them have just taken an at-home pregnancy test and want to confirm their pregnancy with their OBGYN. If you believe you are pregnant, you can schedule an appointment with one of our OBGYNs; along with confirming your pregnancy, we can use 2D ultrasound in the first trimester to estimate how far along you are and also screen for certain genetic orders. For more information, we recommend you read more here.

Are there any risks I should take into account when choosing a provider of a 2D ultrasound near me?

Ultrasounds are considered to be safe, and there is currently no evidence suggesting harm or dangerous side effects of 2D ultrasounds. However, generally, it is recommended that ultrasounds are only performed when necessary. And as we said before, choosing an OBGYN to perform a 2D ultrasound near you is not so much about the test itself, but about who can provide you the best care overall throughout your pregnancy. 

Contact Dr. Lona Sasser Obstetrics & Gynecology today to schedule your appointment. We are here to provide you supportive, thorough, and compassionate care. 

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

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