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Are you ready to find an obstetrician for your pregnancy? Look no further than our team of doctors at Lona Sasser Obgyn in Coral Springs. Lona Sasser Obgyn is your Coral Springs women’s health center, offering a range of services for all your women’s health needs, and we are especially passionate about guiding women through a safe, sound and supported pregnancy. All of the doctors on our team – Dr. Lona Sasser and Dr. Mary Squire-De Leon – would love to talk with you about obstetrical care, or any of your other women’s health needs. In this blog post, we will highlight our obstetrical services.

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Featured Patient Review

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Sasser for a total of 4 years now and I’ll never go to another obgyn. She is a wonderful doctor and person! Her front desk staff and medical assistant are great too. I always feel at ease. Would highly recommend!!” – samanthaaoxox on Google Reviews

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All About Our Obstetrical Services

Pregnancy confirmation. If you think you are pregnant, you have probably taken a drug store pregnancy test. For additional confirmation, we can do a blood test at our Coral Springs women’s health center.

Total obstetrical care. Total obstetrical care includes appointments at your convenience, patient pregnancy education, and 2-D in-office ultrasounds for sex determination and medical diagnostic images.

Verification of maternity benefits. If you do not have insurance, payment plans are available. You can learn more about our obstetrical services payment plan below!

Referrals to and coordination with Coral Springs area perinatologists as deemed medically necessary. A perinatologist is an obstetrical subspecialist concerned with the care of the mother and fetus at higher risk for complications during pregnancy and delivery.

If you are pregnant and wish to transfer care to any of the doctors at our office, we can assist you. Keep reading for details on this process, and call our office to discuss: 954-340-1050


Obstetrical Care Payment Plan at our Coral Springs Women’s Health Center

If you lack insurance, we offer a payment plan for obstetrical services, and we would be happy to set it up for you. All payments are due in full by the 7th month of your pregnancy.

What’s covered by our payment plan:

  • Visits to the office for obstetrical care
  • 24-7 medical advice
  • Hospital delivery with one of our physicians or midwives
  • 4-6 weeks postpartum care after your delivery


What’s not covered by our payment plan:

  • Surgery – either medically necessary or elective
  • Hospital or emergency room visits
  • Ultrasounds
  • Non-stress tests / lab tests
  • Any hospital fees incurred


Services not covered will be billed to you, with payment due on the date of service.

Call us our Coral Springs women’s health center to learn more about setting up an Obstetrical Care payment plan: 954-340-1050

Learn about transferring your obstetrical care to Lona Sasser, a top-rated Coral Springs women’s health center

We would be happy to welcome you as a new patient. If you are pregnant, over 12 weeks pregnant, or under another physician’s care, please have all current prenatal records–including lab work and ultrasounds–faxed to us at 954-340-5275.

We will call you to confirm receipt of your records, which will be reviewed by our physicians. Upon their approval, we will schedule your first appointment.

Please take care to include the following items with your fax of your prenatal record:

  • Complete prenatal records, including ultrasounds and lab work
  • Cover sheet including name, phone number, and names of primary/secondary health insurance


We will respond within 2 business days of receiving your fax.

Feel free to call with any other questions about transferring your obstetrical care to our Coral Springs women’s health center: 954-340-1050.

We look forward to serving you!

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