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Have you scheduled your annual gynecology visit? Even if you seem to be in excellent health, it is wise to fit this important appointment into your life. At your annual gynecology visit, you will speak with a gynecologist about any and all concerns related to reproductive health and overall wellbeing. At Lona Sasser Obstetrics and Gynecology, the three doctors on staff — Dr. Lona Sasser, and Dr. Mary Squire-De Leon — believe in providing exceptional care, one patient at a time. At our practice, each patient is treated with care and compassion, whether at their annual gynecology visit, receiving obstetric care, or undergoing surgery. These are just a few of the services we provide at our practice and at the award-winning local hospitals we are affiliated with. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of an annual gynecology exam, and book an appointment with us today! It’s easy to book online.

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What Happens at Your Annual Gynecology Visit?

The annual gynecology visit typically consists of a pelvic exam, breast exam, pap smear (recommended every three years for women ages 21-65), and urine sample. You will also answer questions about your health, lifestyle and well being, and you will get to speak to your gynecologist about any questions or concerns you may have. During the pelvic exam, your doctor will check your vulva, vagina and cervix for abnormalities. If you are due for a pap smear, your doctor will take a sample of cervical cells. These cells will be examined in a laboratory to see if they are healthy. Abnormal cervical cells may be precancerous or cancerous.

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Our Patients’ Testimonials

Read reviews from patients who get their annual gynecology visit at our practice! You can read more reviews here.

“Today was my second visit here after moving to this city a little over a year ago.  Both experiences have been consistently GREAT! I’m glad I came back and resisted the urge to make the drive to fall back on the security of the doctor in my old city. I never have to wait long here, and the staff are always pleasant, courteous and helpful. Today’s assistant and always Dr. Sasser are like having a close friend in the business! They were warm and eager to hear what I had to say and offer money saving suggestions and solutions! It feels good to find your new doctor in a new city!” – Loretta Wallace, Google Reviews

“Dr. Squire-De Leon is absolutely amazing! She truly cares about each individual. She took her time to speak to me without rushing anything, explained everything in full depth and answered all questions or concerns I had. Also, Vanessa the medical assistant was the best! She is super sweet and made the visit even better. She knows how to put a smile on your face. Thank you Dr. Squire-De Leon and staff!” – Iixana Gambosa, Google Reviews

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