Look no further for the best gynecologist in South Florida, and don’t just take our word for it … See what our patients have to say about it

It was much harder to find the best gynecologist in South Florida before the days of the internet. Word of mouth from friends and family was the most effective way before that. What would you do without those helpful tips from loved ones? Otherwise, marketing initiatives through the media were the main driving factor for patients looking for a trusted gynecologist, and we all know that marketing isn’t always the most accurate form of information.

Thankfully the internet now provides an array of reliable recommendation websites. We’re sharing reviews from Health Grades today so you can get an idea of what our patients are saying about Dr. Sasser and Dr. Squire-De Leon. You don’t have to take our word on the best gynecologist in South Florida because our patients are saying it for us.

What patients are saying about Dr. Lona Sasser


M. Lewis from Ft. Lauderdale writes:

“I absolutely love Dr. Sasser. She is so nice, understanding, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. She is a great listener and she does not sugar coat anything. She is straight forward.”

Linda from Coral Springs writes:

“Caring, compassionate doctor! A rare thing in this day an age.”

Ramsey from Ft. Lauderdale writes:

“She delivered my first child, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This lady is phenomenal! Will definitely be back for the next one.”

TC from Pompano Beach writes:

“Dr. Sasser displays great listening skills and showed great concern for me and my situation. The office staff could not be nicer and accommodating. I highly recommend this doctor.”

Barbara B. in Ft. Lauderdale writes:

“Best GYN I have ever had!!!”

An anonymous patient, also from Ft. Lauderdale, writes:

“As a new patient, Dr Sasser made me feel very comfortable during my annual visit. The negative is how long I had to wait. Just over an hour to be called back. Not sure if that’s the norm but it was agony sitting there for so long!”

What patients are saying about Dr. Mary Beatrice Squire-De Leon


Talisha from Ft. Lauderdale writes:

“The doctor was very welcoming, and intune to what I was saying. Truly felt like she was listening to everything and showed that she cared.”

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Interestingly enough, these are not the only favorable reviews for Dr. Sasser and Dr. Squire-De Leon shared throughout the internet. There are plenty of other websites that collect reviews of medical professionals so prospective patients can make informed decisions on who they will select as a health care provider.

If you like what you’ve read here and are interested in setting up an appointment with Dr. Sasser or Dr. Squire-De Leon, please reach out by phone ( 954-340-1050) or use the online appointment booking option on our website. (It’s the purple button on the right side of the page.) 

Note: You can click on these links to see the actual reviews for Dr. Sasser and Dr. Squire-De Leon on Health Grades.

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