We’re telling you about two options for a gynecologist in Broward County, both of whom are well-regarded by patients

Finding a gynecologist in Broward Country, Florida needs to be done with care and precision. We’re sharing this article today because we’ve seen message boards around the internet asking for recommendations on gynecologists in Broward County.

One message board post from a woman named Amanda looking for a gynecologist in Broward County read:

“I’ve been researching obgyns for DAYS and haven’t gotten any closer to picking one I’m comfortable with.  I’ve tried everything from asking friends (many of the suggestions aren’t accepted by my insurance, aren’t accepting new patients, or don’t have privileges at Plantation General – my hospital of choice), to SCOURING my insurance website.  Anyone out there willing to say who their obgyn is/was and tell how you feel about them (good or bad)?  I’m at my wit’s end!  I’m almost 11 weeks and need to get in for my first appointment already!”

Reading this woman’s post inspires us to share information on Dr. Lona Sasser and Dr. Mary Squire-De Leon — two Broward County gynecologists who are experienced and well-loved by their patients.

We want all women to have the ability to find the gynecologist that fits their life the best. We especially want to be there for women like Amanda who are already multiple weeks pregnant and in need of care.

Dr. Lona Sasser and Dr. Mary Squire-De Leon as your options for a gynecologist in Broward County

Dr. Sasser has been providing exceptional care and sharing her extensive experience, one patient at a time, throughout Coral Springs, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Coconut Creek and Fort Lauderdale areas for many years.

Dr. Sasser and Dr. Squire-De Leon specialize in a wide array of gynecological and obstetrical services including but not limited to regular well woman exams, diagnosis and treatment of gynecological problems, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), IUD insertion and removal, confirmation of pregnancy, total obstetrical care, birth control education and care.

A gynecologist in Broward County: What patients are saying

We don’t want to boast Dr. Sasser and Dr. Squire-De Leon without due cause. However, there are dozens of testimonials and reviews that have been given to us directly or left online at third party websites like the message board referenced above.

We like to share this information so potential patients can get a non-bias opinion. These unsolicited reviews of high praise come from patients, and are posted on a variety of websites that rate doctors all over the world. Zocdoc and Vitals are examples of these review sites.

If you’d like to see more, you can check out the reviews from Vitals and Zocdoc in this article we’ve shared in the past. If you want to see additional reviews from Health Grades, check out this article we created to highlight these testimonials. You can directly visit each of the review sites through these articles, too.

If you don’t need any further convincing that Dr. Sasser and Dr. Squire-De Leon are two top gynecologists in Broward County, and you want to schedule an appointment today, you can do so by calling us at: 954-340-1050. You can also book an appointment online by clicking on the purple button located in the lower right hand part of this page.

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