Most gynecology problems are easily treatable — don’t let embarrassment stop you from taking control of your health.

Far too often, women feel shame, embarrassment, and resentment about their health, especially in regards to gynecological health. Gynecology problems, even if they’re nothing severe or life-threatening, can pop up out of nowhere and cause great stress and anxiety. The shame and fear associated with women’s health are commonly due, in large part, to women feeling like their bodies are abnormal or irregular. Truth has it, so many women share not only these similar feelings but also many of the same health issues. The best way to combat this fear: knowledge and a supportive, experienced gynecologist.

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Not everything has to be scary

When it comes to health, much of it comes down to regular care and paying attention. Of course, there are health concerns that can be serious and/or life-threatening, but too often, women fear gynecological problems that are neither of the former. 

Gynecology problems are any health issues related to the female reproductive system: breasts, cervix, ovaries, etc. Below we discuss two common health issues women often face. Your health should not be taken lightly, but there is no need to feel panicked or stressed either. What is important, is staying informed, and always speaking to your gynecologist if you think there may be an issue.

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Commonly referred to as vaginitis, or bacterial vaginosis (BV), occurs when there is inflammation or infection in the vagina that causes itching, swelling, pain, and sometimes odor or discharge. This is a very common gynecology problem. Simply put, it is an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina: when the “bad” overtakes the “good.” This can be caused by things* like:

  • Taking antibiotics
  • Douching
  • Using an intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Having unprotected sex with a new partner
  • Having many sexual partners
  • Allergic reaction to detergents, soaps, vaginal sprays, etc.


A pelvic exam and an examination of your vaginal fluids will determine if you have BV. It will also help reveal if the cause is a yeast infection or something else, like trichomoniasis. Depending on your diagnosis, your treatment will be different. BV or trichomoniasis may be treated with antibiotics, while yeast infections will be treated with a different cream or oral pill.

Sexually Transmitted Infections/Diseases

In recent years, there has been a switch from calling STDs (diseases) to calling them STIs (infections). This shift has largely to do with the fact that many of the most common STIs do not lead to diseases. Examples of this are chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, and human papillomavirus (HPV).

The most important thing to know is that most of the time, the worst part of STIs is the unnecessary shame that many feel. Many times, they are not life-threatening or even compromising your overall health, like herpes for example. You should always feel comfortable speaking with your gynecologist about any gynecology problems or concerns you may have. Feeling open, unashamed, and being well-informed overall promotes better healthy and safer-sex practices. 

Remember: gynecologists are experts in gynecology problems

No frantic Google search or online resource can replace the in-person care and attention of your gynecologist. Testing and examination is what diagnosis a health issue, not WebMD! While there are many good resources to help stay informed, when it comes to your actual health, consult your doctor. The more trust and regularity you build with your doctor, the easier and more beneficial the relationship will be when you do face a gynecology problem.

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