Wondering what steps you need to take to have a healthy pregnancy?


Maybe you are trying to conceive, or maybe you’re already pregnant. Either way, you probably want to know what you need to do to have a healthy pregnancy. A healthy pregnancy can make for an easier delivery, a healthy baby, and faster postpartum healing for mom. There’s lots of information out there, and it can be difficult to sift through it all on your own. That’s why your best choice for a healthy pregnancy is to find an obgyn you trust to guide you through the process. At Lona Sasser Obgyn, all three of the highly qualified and experienced doctors on our team are taking new patients. We would love to discuss all aspects of pregnancy with you, from conception to postpartum care. Our offices are conveniently located on University Drive in Coral Springs.

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 Aspects of a Healthy Pregnancy to Discuss with Your Obgyn

At appointments throughout your pregnancy, we can educate you on all aspects of pregnancy health. These include…

Nutrition, Exercise and Weight. How much more should you be eating when you are pregnant, and what types of foods are best? What types of foods and beverages should you avoid? As your pregnancy progresses, how will you need to modify your favorite forms of exercise so they continue to be safe for your growing baby? How much weight should you expect to gain, and what can you do to gain more or less weight for a healthy pregnancy? Your doctor can answer all these questions and more.

Vitamins and Minerals. Along with a healthy diet, it is recommended that pregnant women take vitamin and mineral supplements throughout their pregnancy. Pregnant women need more folic acid, iron, calcium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B12 than women who are not pregnant. Your doctor can recommend the best supplement for you and the right amount to take.

Pharmaceutical and Herbal Medicine Safety. Anything you consume while pregnant – from food and drink to medicine and herbs – can get into your growing baby’s body too. Your doctor can help you decide whether or not to continue taking certain medications.

Travel. Before making travel plans while pregnant, discuss them with your doctor. There is much to consider about travel as it relates to pregnancy. For example, prolonged sitting is not recommended. You also will want to know about the availability of medical care and clean water at your travel destination. Your doctor can help you make informed decisions about travel and other activities so that you can have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Healthy Pregnancy: Our Services

In all our interactions with patients, we strive to deliver compassionate, communicative, and expert care. Obstetrical services include:

  • Confirmation of pregnancy
  • Complete obstetrical care: regular appointments at your convenience, in-office ultrasounds, and patient education
  • Hospital delivery including C-sections
  • Postpartum care and education
  • Verification of maternity benefits; payment plans available

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