It’s normal to be anxious to know: how long do STI tests take? We share the answer here!

It’s a good idea to regularly get tested for STIs. And, it’s empowering to know how long do STI tests take so that you are informed when you or a partner are getting tested. 

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Getting tested by your gynecologist gives you an opportunity to talk confidentially about your sexual health in a comprehensive way. You might start a conversation by explaining what’s been going on and share any concerns you have, or you might simply ask for an STI test. Whether you have concerns or not, it’s okay to get tested regularly as a way to protect your health and well-being. 

So, how long do STI tests take? 

There are a few different types of STI tests. Generally, STI tests involve a urine, blood, or swab sample and are very quick and easy to administer. The answer to how long do STI tests take is: not long at all!

STI test samples do need to be sent off to a lab for analysis, however, so results are not quite as fast. Typically, results come back to our office within 2 to 10 days. We are happy to talk with you about how long do STI tests take when you come in for your visit so that you can set expectations and plan accordingly. 

What can I do while I wait for my STI test results? 

During your appointment, we can help you better understand risk factors, symptoms, treatment options, and managing any discomfort. We can also discuss effective ways of preventing future or further infection. 

While it can be nerve-wracking to wait for results, remember that your health is our priority and there is plenty you can do to feel empowered and informed about your care even before a formal diagnosis. 

Ask us for help coming up with a plan for self-care in the days immediately following your test. If you present with symptoms, we may be able to recommend starting treatment or continuing to manage symptoms prior to your test results coming back. We are always happy to answer your questions to ease any nervousness you may be feeling.

Connecting with care

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