What to expect and how to prepare for a well woman exam: your complete guide. 

You might be surprised to learn that the routine annual appointment known as a well woman exam is free, protected healthcare under the Affordable Care Act. That’s because it’s essential preventative healthcare. Here we’ll break down what to expect, and how to prepare for a well woman exam.

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Your annual gynecological visit

Your well woman visit might be more comprehensive than you think, and taking advantage of this annual health visit has real implications for your health and well-being. 

A physical exam is an important part of your visit, because it’s an opportunity for your doctor to catch any developing health problems in their earliest stages. Your exam will include measurements of your height, weight and blood pressure, a breast and pelvic exam, and every 3 years, a Pap Smear.

A Pap smear is a screening test used to detect and prevent cervical cancer, the most common gynecologic cancer. You can read more about what to expect from a Pap smear here.

Learning about procedures is one way how to prepare for a well woman visit. But the physical exam is not the only important part of your annual appointment.

Even routine healthcare is for you

Sometimes it feels like an annual exam is just something we have to tick off our to-do list. But it’s important to remember that a visit to your doctor is an opportunity for you to take advantage of. They are there to care for you and your needs. 

Your annual well woman visit is a great opportunity to:

  • Get tested for STIs 
  • Receive a pregnancy test
  • Discuss birth control, family planning, and fertility goals
  • Bring up any concerns or questions about menstruation
  • Talk about gynecological problems and symptoms 

When it comes to your gynecological health, you may have questions, especially if you are pregnant or trying to conceive, or if you are experiencing unusual symptoms. You should always bring questions and concerns about your health to your medical provider. In fact, that’s item one in our guide for how to prepare for a well woman exam! 

How to prepare for a well woman exam

  1. Ask questions. Nothing is off-limits. If you have questions or concerns about your body, your health, or your experiences, ask your doctor. 
  2. Read up. If you’re feeling unsure about a physical exam procedure, read about it ahead of time or ask your doctor before the exam starts to let you know what to expect. This is also a good way to make sure they have your complete consent.
  3. Prepare to speak to your doctor about your medical history and overall health. Bring a list of recent medical events, vaccinations, or surgeries since your last exam. Know any medications you are taking and their dosage. 

If you still have questions about how to prepare for a well woman exam, call your healthcare provider ahead of time and ask them. It’s great to be an empowered patient who can partner with their provider for optimal care. 

Compassionate Care

Attending your annual gynecological appointment is a great way to get to know your doctor – and for them to get to know you. Building a long-term, trusting relationship with your doctor increases your comfort and benefits your well-being. Plus, patients who have a great relationship with their doctor are more likely to come in for routine screenings that can be life-saving. 

Finding a doctor that makes you feel safe and listened to is an integral part of how to prepare for a well woman visit. 

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