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Hurricane Preparations for OB Patients


In the event of a hurricane, the National Weather Service will issue a hurricane warning, when hurricane conditions are expected within 24 hours. Women who are 36 weeks pregnant (or more) and/or considered to be high risk should seek shelter at Coral Springs Medical Center.  Dr. Sasser or Dr. Squire-De Leon will most likely be at Coral Springs Medical Center but we recommend calling the office first to confirm.   In order to help you better prepare, should you need to seek shelter at the hospital, please see the list below of suggested supplies to bring with you.  Parking will be limited so we highly recommend one car per patient.  In addition, hospital space is also limited. Therefore, one person may accompany the patient.  Children and extended family are not permitted because of the space restrictions.  The following list is intended to help you better prepare should you need to make hurricane preparations.


*Comfortable chair (sports chair or air mattress)-be prepared for a “camp style” set up as individual sleeping areas will not be supplied by the hospital.

*At least one gallon of water per person per day (3 day minimum).

*Non-perishable snacks


*Pillows, blankets, & towels

*Personal hygiene products

*Reading material

*Battery operated radio and/or TV (with headphones)

*Medications for patient and/or person staying with the patient

*Please remember to make accommodations for pets as they are not allowed in the hospital.

*Clothing & toiletries for 3 days

*Please do not pack any valuables

If we can be of any further assistance, you can call Dr. Sasser and Dr.De Leon’s office at (954) 340-1050

Coral Springs Medical Center: 954-344-3211

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