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Is an IUD Right for You? Learn About IUD Insertion Procedure and More.

At our practice in Coral Springs, we regularly perform the IUD insertion procedure for our patients. IUDs, or intrauterine devices, are a popular form of birth control because of their high rate of effectiveness in preventing pregnancy, and because they are inserted once and last for many years, or until a woman decides she wants to get pregnant. IUDs come in both hormonal and non-hormonal forms. Read on to learn about the IUD insertion procedure. Then make an appointment with a gynecologist at our South Florida practice. You can easily book an appointment online!

What are the Different Types of IUDs Available?

There are two types of IUDs: hormonal, and copper. They are the same size and shape, but work in different ways. The hormonal IUD works by releasing the hormone progestin, which thickens cervical mucus to prevent sperm from reaching the egg; in some women this hormone also prevents ovulation, so there is no egg for sperm to fertilize. The copper IUD works by introducing copper ions to the fluids of the cervix, which are toxic to sperm.

The different types of IUDs last for different amounts of time, and may cause different side effects. For both hormonal and copper IUDS, the IUD insertion procedure is the same. Learn more about the differences between these two types of IUDs by reading our blog post! Then book an appointment to discuss these options with a qualified gynecologist, in person.

What Happens During the IUD Insertion Procedure?

Before the IUD insertion procedure, your obgyn will ask you about your medical history, examine your vagina, cervix and uterus, and possibly test you for STDs. They may give you medicine to lessen discomfort by helping to open and/or numb your cervix before insertion.

The procedure itself usually takes under five minutes. Your doctor will use a speculum to open your vaginal walls, and then use an inserter to put the IUD through your cervical opening into your uterus. A short string will remain hanging down through the cervix into the vagina, which your doctor will use to remove the IUD when it expires or when you decide you want to have it removed.

For some women, the procedure is painful; for others it doesn’t feel like much at all. If you have given birth, you may experience less pain during the IUD insertion procedure than women who have never given birth. Some women experience cramping, pain, dizziness, or fatigue during or after the procedure. If possible, arrange for someone to drive you home after the procedure, and take time to rest.

Do You Have More Questions About the IUD Insertion Procedure?

We would be happy to answer them for you. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lona Sasser, or Dr. Mary Squire-De Leon. We will educate you on IUDs and the other forms of birth control available to you. Read patient testimonials here.

Source for This Article: What’s an IUD Insertion Like? – Planned Parenthood

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