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At Lona Sasser Obstetrics and Gynecology, we provide quick, accurate obgyn STD testing. If you have had unprotected sex, or think you may have an sexually transmitted disease, it is wise to get tested. If you test positive for an STD, you can start getting treated right away, and take steps to protect your partner from also contracting any STDs you may carry. Some STDs go away on their own, some go away with treatment, and others can be successfully managed with treatment to have a minimal impact on your quality of life. When you are working together with your obgyn, STD diagnosis and treatment is simple, safe and effective.

At our practice, our doctors provide STD testing and treatment, annual well woman exams, obstetrical care, and many more gynecologic and obstetric services. Since opening our practice in 2016, we have been proud to serve the women of Broward and Dade Counties. We are committed to patient education, and we take a personal approach to your care. So for obgyn STD testing and all your other women’s health care needs, book an appointment at our practice! You can book easily online through ZocDoc – just click the button below.

Obgyn STD Testing: When to Get Tested

There are many reasons to seek obgyn STD testing. If you are sexually active and have had unprotected sex with a partner who has an STD, or who has not been tested for STDs, you should get tested. If you usually use condoms or other barrier methods as protection during sex, that is an excellent way to protect yourself from many STDs! However, certain STDs and parasites can still be transmitted during sex, even when barrier methods are used. These include human papillomavirus (HPV), genital herpes, syphilis, crabs, and scabies. So be mindful if any symptoms listed below develop after sexual activity.

STD Symptoms

Many STDs are asymptomatic, which means you can be carrying an STD without ever experiencing symptoms! That’s why it is smart to get tested regularly even if you don’t think you have an STD. Your annual well woman exam is a good time to request obgyn STD testing. If you experience any of the symptoms below, book an appointment with a gynecologist as soon as possible.

  • Painful urination or bowel movements
  • Itchy, inflamed, or painful genitals or anus
  • Unusual vaginal discharge
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Unusually heavy menstrual flow
  • Small red bumps, blisters, or open sores in the genital, anal and surrounding areas

STDs Without Sexual Activity

Did you know that some STDs can be transmitted from a mother to her infant during pregnancy or delivery? If a mother has chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes, syphilis, HIV, or CMV, it is possible for her to transmit the infection to her infant. If you are pregnant and think you may have an STD, you and your health provider can take steps to protect your infant. Start with obgyn STD testing by scheduling an appointment today!

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