How Dr. Lona Sasser and her team offer the best obstetric services at their Coral Springs pregnancy care center

Whether you are planning a pregnancy or are already pregnant, one thing is true: you’ll want the best care for you and your baby. The best pregnancy care center should be able to meet and address all your needs, and really be able to support you throughout your pregnancy journey. 

Dr. Lona Sasser Obstetrics & Gynecology is a women’s health center that really values the importance of thorough, collaborative care that focuses on patients and their needs. If you are looking for a pregnancy care center in the Coral Springs, Florida area, do not hesitate to schedule your first appointment with us. We are ready to support you!

Pregnancy in the time of COVID-19

Many women have felt scared about what pregnancy means in a time of a global pandemic. Anxieties about — Should I leave the house? Is it safe for me to go to the doctor? It is easy to feel nervous when everything seems uncertain. However, comprehensive care and attention do not need to be compromised, especially during such unsettling times!

For pregnancy care, Dr. Lona Sasser and her team have created certain protocols to assure that when you do need an in-person appointment, the risks are lowered and you can still receive the care you need. 

How pregnancy care centers support you and your baby

There are many different phases and important markers during your pregnancy. The obstetrician’s role is to support you throughout the process: from planning to perinatal and postpartum care. For the last 10 years, Dr. Lona Sasser and her team have been providing exceptional care, one patient at a time. 

Planning your pregnancy

If you are not yet pregnant but wish to be, this is something a pregnancy care center like Dr. Sasser can help you in planning. Based on your medical history, birth control plan, and your personal plans, your doctor can help advise you on how to begin your pregnancy journey. 

Pregnancy confirmation

If you think you may be pregnant, you can head to your doctor to get a pregnancy test. Even if you have taken an at-home pregnancy test, it is important to see your doctor at your pregnancy care center to officially confirm. 

Patient education

Patient education is crucial to help make you feel comfortable, calm, and excited about your pregnancy. Being an expectant mom can raise lots of questions, concerns, and fears. A good pregnancy care center with a reliable, caring obstetrician will make sure you have the proper access to pregnancy education so that you can be as informed as possible. 

Birth plan

Together with your doctor, you will be able to create your birthing plan. By outlining your preferences for labor and delivery clearly with your obstetrician, you will feel comfortable and confident when it comes time to give birth. 

Total obstetrical care

In addition to all the above services, a pregnancy care center like Dr. Lona Sasser Obstetrics & Gynecology, will be able to schedule your necessary appointments around your convenience, provide ultrasounds, and identify the sex of your baby, should you wish to know.

Postpartum care

Your doctor will support you as your body heals and you transition from pregnancy into motherhood. 

The bottom line

Pregnancy requires attention, care, trust, and education. Choose an obstetrician who believes in thorough care and the value of building a patient-doctor relationship of trust and communication. 

Dr. Lona Sasser, Dr. Mary Squire-De Leon, and the office staff are a group of happy, caring women whose skills complement each other, resulting in a positive office experience for you and your baby. Call 954-340-1050 to schedule your first appointment.

Photo by Kei Scampa from Pexels
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