Are you wondering whether it’s time for a visit to a gynecologist specialist? Read on to find out! 

It’s recommended women visit a gynecologist specialist for an annual screening and any other times questions or concerns arise related to their sexual, reproductive, or even just general health. Read on to learn more about when you should see a gynecologist and what to expect from your visit.

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When should I see a gynecologist specialist?

You don’t have to wait until you’re symptomatic or trying to get pregnant to schedule a visit. It’s typical for patients to begin seeing a gynecologist around 13-15 years of age. From around that time, a gynecologist specialist is a patient’s one-stop resource for all things related to women’s health. Outside of routine annual visits, patients may see a gynecologist about the following on an as-needed basis: 

  • Pregnancy, fertility, menstruation, or menopause 
  • Family planning, contraception, or pregnancy termination
  • Routine STI screening
  • Symptoms resulting from an STI or other condition
  • Pain, mood changes, acne, fatigue
  • Thyroid disorders and other hormonal concerns
  • Chronic conditions that impact the reproductive organs 
  • Noticeable changes to the reproductive organs
  • Sexuality and sexual wellness 
  • Domestic violence and sexual assault
  • Cancer screenings
  • General health care or concerns

In the same way that it’s a good idea to develop a trusting, long-term relationship with your primary care doctor, establishing a relationship with your gynecologist early-on can be a major benefit to your health and wellness in the long-run. 

What should I expect from my visit?

Your gynecologist’s office is a safe space. We encourage you to come prepared to discuss any current health-related questions or concerns. You should also bring questions about future health planning during your visit. The more honest you are during your visit, the better we will be able to support you. 

You should feel comfortable to share information with your gynecologist about symptoms you’re experiencing, your lifestyle, as well as any personal topics that are relevant to your visit. An accurate understanding of your health enables us to provide you with the best care. Your questions throughout your appointment are encouraged and will be handled with sensitivity.

Certain procedures, such as pelvic exams or pap smears, may cause slight discomfort, but are not typically painful. Though you’re encouraged to go about your normal hygiene routines on the day of your appointment, there’s no need to wax, douche, mask odors, or minimize symptoms or lifestyle choices when you meet with your gynecologist specialist. Your appointment is your space.

Connecting with care

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