Having a trusted women’s health doctor is key to your wellbeing.

A women’s health doctor could be a gynecologist, an obstetrician, or both. These doctors play an important role in a woman’s life, ideally from the age of 13-15 onwards. A women’s health doctor knows what is normal and healthy in the functioning and appearance of the genitals, breasts, and reproductive organs – and what signs or symptoms may be cause for concern. In our culture, there is a lot of misinformation and stigma surrounding these sensitive topics. By regularly seeing a women’s health doctor, you are taking charge of your total wellbeing. At Lona Sasser Obgyn, we have three amazing doctors on staff. Keep reading to learn about what makes each of them a great women’s health doctor.

Women’s Health Doctor: Dr. Lona Sasser

Dr. Sasser has been an obgyn in Coral Springs since 2003, and she opened her current practice in 2013. She feels it’s important for women to play an active role in their healthcare by scheduling an annual Well Woman Exam. At this once-a-year appointment, your women’s health doctor will discuss with you whether additional testing is necessary, based on what they find during your exam. Dr. Sasser is passionate about patient education, and recommends you check out the list of resources available in the Patient Education section of our website.

Recent Patient Reviews of Dr. Sasser:

“Dr. Sasser is so wonderful! Here is a doctor that truly loves her profession and cares about her patients. I am so glad I found her.” – Lulu Herrera, Google Reviews

“Dr. Sasser is an excellent listener and she always makes sure I’m comfortable and makes sure I fully understand everything. Her staff is awesome. Always feel extremely at ease.” – Shana Palmer-Barclay, Google Reviews

Learn more about Dr. Lona Sasser here!

Women’s Health Doctor: Dr. Mary Squire-De Leon

Dr. Squire-De Leon pursued a career as a women’s health doctor because of her passion for helping women take charge of their bodies and their health care. She is known for building a great relationship with her patients. Dr. Squire-De Leon specializes in a wide range of services, including total obstetrical care. To learn more, visit our complete list of services.

Recent Patient Reviews of Dr. Squire-De Leon:

“She brings patient care back to what it is about… the patient! She is very professional, friendly, attentive and most importantly she cares! I am very grateful to have her as my doctor.” – Leana B., Zocdoc

“Awesome…I felt very comfortable talking with Dr. Squire-De Leon. I have scheduled visits for my daughters with her too. Making her our family doctor.” – Ydamarkis P., Zocdoc

Learn more about Dr. Mary Squire-De Leon here!

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