For an accurate STD diagnosis, make an appointment with a gynecologist

STD stands for sexually transmitted disease. If you are a woman experiencing symptoms that you suspect may be caused by an STD, it’s wise to seek an STD diagnosis from a gynecologist. In this article, we’ll describe symptoms that may be caused by certain STDs. However, you should know that not everyone carrying an STD experiences symptoms. In fact, most people with STDs don’t have any symptoms! That’s why it’s recommended that you get checked regularly for STDs, whether or not you have symptoms.

Your annual Well Woman Exam is a great time to talk to your gynecologist about getting tested. It’s especially important to get tested for STDs if you have had unprotected sex (without a condom or dental dam) since the last time you were tested. Plus, even though condoms are excellent protection against many STDs, they may not protect you against all of them.

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STD Diagnosis: Symptoms

According to Planned Parenthood, the following symptoms can be caused by STDs:

  • Bumps or sores around or on genitals, thighs, butt cheeks
  • Unusual vaginal discharge
  • Having to pee a lot, or burning sensation when you pee
  • Swelling, irritation, itching, or pain in your vagina, vulva, or anus
  • Flu-like symptoms – i.e. fever, swollen glands, body aches, and fatigue

These symptoms can be caused by STDs. They can also be caused by UTIs and yeast infections, and bumps could just be pimples or ingrown hairs. Getting tested is the only way to be sure, so talk with your gynecologist about STD diagnosis.

STD Diagnosis: Getting Tested

At your appointment, your gynecologist will be happy to talk to you about your sexual health. You can describe any symptoms you are experiencing. And you can tell your gynecologist about sexual activity, to help determine whether tests may be necessary, and what kinds. STD testing is simple and often painless. Depending on your symptoms, testing may involve:

  • Urine test
  • Cheek swab
  • Blood test
  • Physical exam of genital area
  • If you have sores or blisters, they may be swabbed for a fluid sample
  • Swabbing of vagina, urethra, cervix, anus, or throat

Your doctor may be able to tell you the results of testing right away. Other tests take a few days to yield results.

What if I have an STD?

If you test positive for an STD, you may feel sad, upset, or distressed. But don’t worry. Your gynecologist can guide you to the best treatment of your STD. So don’t hesitate to make an appointment for STD diagnosis at Lona Sasser Obgyn. We’ll be happy to help you!

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