When searching for a “women’s health clinic near me,” here are some things you should look for.

When you open up your web browser and search “women’s health clinic near me,” you’ll likely get hits on anything from urgent care locations to doctor directories. It can be overwhelming, especially if you do not know what kind of care you need or what is important to have. 

While urgent care and walk-in clinics certainly have their place, they are not necessarily a solution for long-term, in-depth supportive care. A women’s health clinic should be able to offer you more than just a one-off visit to a doctor.

Why choosing a supportive and committed “women’s health clinic near me” matters

What a search of “women’s health clinic near me” likely won’t highlight for you is the importance of choosing a supportive, knowledgeable, and capable doctor. By finding an OBGYN that you feel comfortable with, you will be able to practice preventive care and exams, build trust to speak about any concerns, and gain the benefit of the doctor knowing your specific body and medical needs. 

If you live in the Coral Springs, FL area and are in need of a new OBGYN or looking to switch, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Lona Sasser’s Obstetrics and Gynecology practice. We take most common insurance policies and would love to help you get the care you deserve. 

Below are the following services we believe you should make sure your chosen women’s health clinic has to offer you.

Regular well-woman exams

As we mentioned above, finding a primary OBGYN is crucial for building trust and open communication. Under the Affordable Care Act, women are allowed one free annual well-woman exam, covered by their insurance. These exams are your opportunity to ask the health questions or concerns you may have, discuss birth control options, get STI and other routine screenings. These screenings will likely include measurements of weight and height, a blood pressure check, breast exam, pelvic exam, and Pap smear. 

If you’re looking into women’s health clinics near you that don’t emphasize the importance of these annual exams, it may be best to keep on searching. Positive and trusting relationships with your gynecologist are key for thorough care. 

Birth control education, options and care

The women’s health clinic that you choose should be informed and proactively invested in learning new birth control education, options, and care. The doctors and the practice should be able to provide you thorough information to help you make an educated decision that is best for you and your body. 

Diagnosis and treatment of gynecological problems

So often women’s health problems, specifically gynecological problems can be a source of stress and even shame. A doctor that specializes in women’s health should be able to address your concerns with a knowledgable and affirming response. There is nothing worse than feeling dismissed! 

Dr. Sasser, her associate Dr. Squire-De Leon, and their office staff know and value the importance of thorough care. When shopping around, it is absolutely acceptable to call and ask the receptionist about the practice’s mission and values. 

Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

STIs (also known as STDs) are often navigated with shame. A good and reliable women’s health clinic near you should be able to help you get tested, diagnosed, and treated without their being any shame or judgment. 

Support during your pregnancy journey

As we grow and mature, for some women, pregnancy is the next step. If you know you are planning to have children, while you’re searching for a “women’s health clinic near me” it is worth considering electing a provider that also has an obstetrics department. They will be able to help you along your entire pregnancy journey. 

Living in the Coral Springs area and in search of an OBGYN? Schedule your appointment today at 954-340-1050.

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