Wondering “What is a Well Woman Exam?” We Take a Look at This Important Appointment and Why it Matters to Your Health.

If you find yourself asking “what is a well woman exam?” you might be surprised to learn that this routine annual appointment is synonymous with a yearly gynecological exam. But it might involve more than you think, and it has real implications for your health and well-being. We discuss it here. 

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What Happens at a Well Woman Exam?

When you think about a routine gynecological exam you may only be imagining the physical exam. While that is an important piece of your preventative healthcare, your well woman visit actually is much more comprehensive. We will give you a sense of what to expect, and how you can prepare to get the most out of your visit.

How to be ready for your annual visit

Before you arrive for your well woman visit, prepare to speak to your doctor about your medical history and overall health. Bring a list of recent medical events, vaccinations, or surgeries since your last exam. Know any medications you are taking and their dosage. And it’s a good idea to think about any concerns or questions you want to discuss with your doctor ahead of time. It’s ok to write them down so you won’t forget anything that you want to talk about during the appointment. 

What is the “routine” in routine exam?

Your well woman visit includes routine screenings and a physical exam. These will likely look like taking measurements of your weight and height, a blood pressure check, a breast exam, a pelvic exam, and Pap smear, which is a cervical screening. 

Pap smears won’t happen every time. They are generally recommended every 3 years for women ages 21 to 65, but you should have a comprehensive wellness exam annually.

Get the most out of your appointment

Your annual well woman visit is a great opportunity to:

  • Get tested for STIs 
  • Receive a pregnancy test
  • Discuss birth control, family planning and fertility goals
  • Bring up any concerns or questions about menstruation
  • Talk about gynecological problems and symptoms that seem abnormal for you

And perhaps most importantly, taking advantage of this routine exam is one of the best ways to build a positive, trusting, lifelong relationship with your gynecologist. 

It’s Free, Preventative Healthcare

You may be surprised to know that under the Affordable Care Act, women in the U.S. receive one no-cost well woman exam every year. It’s no-cost because it’s important. Even if you feel in perfect health, it’s important to regularly see your gynecologist. 

These visits help to catch health problems from their earliest stages of development, before they get serious. Talking to your doctor about your health questions, fertility goals and contraception methods will give you insight into the things you are wondering about that impact your body and remove any anxiety you might have. 

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