The journey through pregnancy can be scary and exciting all at once — here’s how your obstetrical care can support you throughout the experience

Whether you are planning for pregnancy, pregnant, or just gave birth, your obstetrician is generally the health care provider that will help with all your obstetrical care needs. Every pregnancy is unique to the mother, each requiring different types of needs, care, and attention. An obstetrician and other medical professionals work together to make sure you are getting the support you need along your pregnancy journey.

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Pregnancy planning

Obstetrics is often considered to be medical care and support only for those already expecting. However, obstetrical care also generally helps individuals in preparing or planning for pregnancy. This can include anything from reproductive medicine to infertility testing and treatment, as well as discussing your birthing options. When it comes to infertility, your obstetrician may refer you to a specialist who can best help assess options for you. But generally speaking, your obstetrician is your first step! 

Prenatal and perinatal care

The prenatal stage is the development of the fertilized egg into an embryo and then a fetus. As part of obstetrical care, your obstetrician will help support and care for you and your baby’s health up to three months prior to pregnancy and throughout the pregnancy as well. This part of obstetrical care is where doctors and their patients should be able to form a trusting and supportive relationship. Doctors help quell any concerns or anxieties, inform you of how to maintain your health, treat any issues or complications that may arise, and monitor your baby’s health throughout development. 

Obstetrical care for labor and delivery

Many people find labor to be the part of pregnancy that produces the most anxiety. But think of it this way: It is also the part where you have knowledgable and caring support to guide you. If you were able to create a strong and trusting relationship with your obstetrician during your prenatal and perinatal care, then you most likely also created your labor and birth plan. Whether you decide to use obstetrical anesthesia, or not or include the support of a birthing assistant, this is all something you will discuss with your doctor ahead of time.

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Postpartum support and care

For new parents, this can be a beautiful but scary time. So many questions and concerns, both about the mother and about the baby. Your obstetrician can help if you experience postpartum depression as well as support you as your body heals after birth. 

Remember that when it comes to obstetrical care, you should feel that your obstetrician is there for you to support you in your journey through pregnancy. The health of you and your baby is of utmost importance, so make sure you take the time you find a doctor that you feel comfortable with.

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