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Generally, when we think of gynecology, the standard procedures come to mind: pap smear, STI testing, birth control, etc. However, gynecologists are actually capable of performing certain surgical procedures as part of their patients’ treatments. If you’re thinking “I’ve never heard of a gynecology surgeon near me,” you probably just didn’t realize that certain procedures fell under your gynecologist’s responsibilities!

The good news is that if you’re in search of a gynecology surgeon near you in or around Coral Springs, FL, you can schedule an appointment today at Dr. Lona Sasser Obstetrics & Gynecology. Dr. Sasser and her fellow gynecologist, Dr. Mary Squire-De Leon, are compassionate and comprehensive care providers, that believe in building patient-doctor relationships on trust.

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What is gynecological surgery?

General gynecologist surgeons specialize in minimally invasive surgeries. They can perform procedures in their offices that can be done quickly and with minimal recovery. Many physicians also have privileges with local hospitals where they can perform surgeries that require a more extensive facility. For example, the Office of Dr. Sasser has special privileges at the Coral Springs Medical Center.

The word “surgery” often conjures up images of in-patient care, invasive procedures, and general anesthesia. While there may be one or two procedures that can require an invasive route, generally speaking, recovery time for these surgical procedures is typically minimal.  

What kind of procedures can the gynecology surgeon near me do?

As we mentioned above, most gynecologists near you should also be able to be your gynecological surgeon. This speaks to the fact that gynecological problems that require additional procedures beyond medication are incredibly common. Some common procedures that you may not realize fall under the category of gynecological surgery are things like colposcopies, that many women need to have after an irregular pap smear. 

If you are in the Coral Springs area, Dr. Lona Sasser is a gynecology surgeon near you that offers procedures and non-invasive surgeries. Below is a list of services we offer, and we have provided some educational links where you can read further about the procedures and surgeries:

Do I need gynecological surgery?

We know that gynecological problems can cause stress and anxiety. It’s probably why you searched “gynecology surgeon near me.” And, while we would love to quell your anxiety and offer a simple answer, the truth is that only a physician can help answer that question. Together, with your gynecologist, you will receive a thorough exam and get a proper diagnosis. 

If you are indeed in need of a gynecology surgeon near you, do not hesitate to contact our practice. We believe in compassionate, thorough care and our physicians and staff are ready to take care of you. You can call (954) 340-1050 to schedule an appointment, or easily and quickly book online

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