Why women obstetrics and gynecology is important to maintaining your health

As a woman spending any time at all on social media, you’re probably used to being inundated with clickbait articles about the key to women’s health and wellness. These days, there is a lot of yoga, mindfulness, and diet trends that promise all kinds of golden cures. And honestly, many of these practices are important to maintaining a healthy mind and body. However, one part that isn’t as flash and “Instagram-able” is women obstetrics and gynecology. And yet, it’s such an important part of women’s overall health and wellness. 

So often, women stay with their OBGYN even though they are not getting the care they need or desire. We can’t tell you how many times we take on new patients who are desperate to be seen, heard, and supported in their health journey. At Dr. Lona Sasser Obstetrics and Gynecology, we believe in providing each of our patients with respectful and compassionate care. We’re here for you and all your women’s health and wellness needs. If you are in or near Coral Springs, call us today to schedule an appointment at (954) 340-1050, or book online at your convenience.

Why women obstetrics and gynecology is a key element of women’s health and wellness

Women’s gynecology specifically is important in helping women stay on top of their reproductive health. Feeling anxious about your gynecological health is, unfortunately, very common and can lead to unnecessary stress. It tends to push women away from seeking the care they need and deserve. 

It’s about trust and compassion

In practice, women obstetrics and gynecology should center on trust and compassion. At Dr. Lona Sasser’s practice, we want to be there for you, to make sure you feel supported, not judged. Cared for, not dismissed. 

As doctors, we want our practice to provide you with the correct information, treatments, and care so that you can leave feeling like you can tackle everything else in your life. Rather than dread your visit to the OBGYN, we want you to be able to schedule and arrive at your appointment knowing that you are in excellent care with our practitioners. This means coming in when you are worried about something, and especially coming in for your yearly well woman exam

Obstetrical care can be overwhelming to decide on

Part of building a really solid relationship with an OBGYN means that we can be there no matter where you are in your life journey. Women obstetrics and gynecology isn’t necessarily about two separate practices. Each doctor may have their own specific focus and specialty, but often they may be the same person. For many women, it’s a relief to be able to navigate pregnancy with a doctor that they already have a relationship with and who knows their body well. 

However, if you are in the Coral Springs area and in search of an obstetrician, do not hesitate to contact our office. We make sure to thoroughly discuss your needs as a soon-to-be mother and make sure you feel comfortable in our care.

One patient at a time

Doctors Lona Sasser and Mary-Beatrice De Leon believe in providing exceptional care one patient at a time. Our office staff is a group of caring women whose skills complement each other, resulting in a positive office experience for our patients. If you are in Coral Springs and are looking for a new OBGYN, call us today at (954) 340-1050 or book an appointment online.

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