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If you are seeking a women’s gynecology practice in Broward County, you will find what you are looking for at Lona Sasser Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Sasser is a doctor of osteopathic medicine. Osteopathic training emphasizes prevention and a holistic approach to care. Dr. Sasser and Dr. Squire-De Leon , all practicing at our offices in Coral Springs, believe in the value of an approach to medical care that considers the whole patient — not merely the treatment of symptoms. At our practice, you will find women’s gynecology for the whole woman, at every stage of life.

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Women’s Gynecology Services

We offer complete gynecologic and obstetric care. Services include:

Well Woman Exams. This free annual exam typically involves a discussion of your overall health and medical history, a pelvic exam, breast exam, and routine screenings. You will have weight and height measured and blood pressure checked. Your doctor will also ask about your lifestyle. This exam is a great opportunity to get tested for STIs and pregnancy. If you are between ages 21 and 65, it is recommended that you get a pap smear every 3 years, which can also be done at your annual women’s gynecology exam.

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Gynecologic Problems. If you are experiencing unusual or uncomfortable gynecologic symptoms, make an appointment with a gynecologist. You can have your symptoms evaluated and diagnosed, and receive a prescription for treatment. Symptoms of problems can include swelling, burning, itching, redness, or soreness in the vaginal area; genital lumps or sores; significant changes in vaginal discharge; and more. Read this article to learn about more symptoms, and find relief at our women’s gynecology practice.

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STD Testing. An appointment for an STD test is a simple, safe and effective way to stay on top of your sexual health. Certain STDs cause symptoms, including some of the symptoms listed above. Many, however, can be asymptomatic — which means you should regularly get tested for STDs if you are sexually active, even if you feel normal. A doctor at our women’s gynecology practice can test you for STDs. If you test positive, you can begin treatment right away and take steps to protect partners from exposure.

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Birth Control and Family Planning. If you are not ready to get pregnant, talk to a doctor at our practice about the many different types of birth control available. Many forms are hormonal; some are not. Some forms of birth control are inserted for long-term protection from pregnancy, while others need to be taken daily. Discuss your lifestyle and preferences with a doctor at our women’s gynecology practice. You will receive valuable information about the different forms of birth control and which one might be best for you and your needs.

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These are just some of the many services we offer. Click here to explore more services.

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